Frequently asked questions for Fort Lauderdale Limo

During our day to day operations, we are asked a good many questions. Those questions range from simple things like "where will you go?" to "how many people can we bring in your limos?"... You'll find that our operators don't mind answering any and all of your questions. Any question that you might have is invariably a good one. The only bad question, as you know, is one that doesn't get asked! That is how we approach any and all of our customers. We want you to feel secure in your decision to enlist our luxury limo rental services!

We also like to provide convenience to our customers. To go along with that mantra, we've included some of our most oft encountered questions here for your convenience! Don't worry if you don't see what you're looking for. Your answer is simply a quick call or email away. The information to get in touch is of course on our contact page. However, for convenience, you may have noticed our phone number and email at the top of each page. Just tap or click to call or email right now!

How far do you service with your limos?

We service a very big area. We have much of this area located at: Fort Lauderdale Limo Service Area. If you don't see your chosen city or town, just call us and inquire!

Can alcoholic drinks come on all the vehicles?

Because we are a luxury limo carrier, YES - you can board our limos with alcoholic beverages, provided everyone in your party is over the legal drinking age. However, you must bring your own, as we do not provide it under any circumstances.

What is the difference between a limousine and a party bus?

The big difference comes in the exterior appearance. A limousine will have more "wow" factor pulling up, but since the buses are so much roomier (most people can fully stand up inside them), a party bus in many cases has more "wow" factor once you step inside. Aside from that, you'll find that both are equipped with the finest amenities in the luxury transportation industry. The thing you'll want to decide on is whether you prefer the expansive space inside a party bus, or if you prefer the exterior appeal of the limos.

How old must you be to book a limo?

As you must be legally able to sign a contract, you only need to be eighteen years of age to call and book one of our limos.

How old must I be to legally drink in a limo?

You must be of legal drinking age in order to consume alcoholic beverages on our vehicles. Just because you can sign the contract, does not enable you the ability to drink underage in our limos or party buses. If you have any questions on this, we'd be happy to answer them!

When can I come see the limo I'm interested in?

Call us at 754-999-9377 to set that up. You're welcome to see the vehicle that you're thinking about renting on any week day, during our day shift. However, it is best that you call first so that we can make sure that vehicle isn't out on a run.

Do you provide service to Miami?

Yes we do! Visit our Party Bus Miami page to find out more!